Our Chambers

We have the largest mild HBOT chambers in the area.  

Taking any claustrophobic feeling out of the sessions.

Our chamber is a Vertical, Extra Large chamber designed to support rolling a wheelchair directly into this soft hyperbaric chamber. This vertical chamber stands 6.5 feet tall allowing users to stand in the chamber. Also, this chamber is 71 inches deep so a customer can either relax on a reclining chair or lay down. This chamber has a wide entry door for ease of access into the unit.

Each treatment will give you 1.3 atmosphere absolute (ATA). 30% more than what you normally experience, which is similar to the pressure of being approximately 12 -15 feet underwater.  Our Hyperbaric chamber system includes an upgraded oxygen generator producing 93% oxygen purity for the most effective treatments.  Our system offers air conditioning and a dehumidifier to make your sessions extremely comfortable.

Our OXYFLOW sitting/reclining type chamber with its unique angled chamber design that allows the flexibility of going from sitting straight up to laying back in relaxation. Users enter from the front of the chamber as it zips down towards the feet and splits open in the middle to allow easy entrance. With an 89-inch length, those of all sizes can have the comfort to stretch their legs in this chamber. This chamber delivers compressed oxygen at 1.4 ATA(42 KPA).The incredible versatility of our proprietary comfort chair that is included with our OXYFLOW sitting chamber allows for adjustments from lying flat to upright in fine incremental steps. It also has the same incremental adjustment at the head of the chair and a lower portion.