Meet Dr. Hassel

I have been running my own successful chiropractic practice for over twenty-five years. I have cared for thousands, and have had roughly 500,000 patient visits. This experience, combined with my everlasting quest to live the best and healthiest life possible, has led me to find some of the answers most people are looking for when it comes to optimal living. Since a very young age I have been intrigued with why some people succeed and some fail. I also noted early on that true success goes far beyond big houses, lots of money, fancy titles, or a perfectly looking body.

The excitement of helping my patients reach a higher level of health and better quality of life, coupled with my frustration with watching so many others getting sicker and sicker under a failing medical system that does not work, drove me to become a leading expert on health and wellness. In my quest for the best wellness model, I’ve read hundreds of books, spent countless hours in seminars, interviewed dozens of doctors and healthcare providers, and studied the healthiest people on the planet. I have learned what I believe to be the secrets to being as healthy as possible, and I have a strong sense of obligation to share this information with as many people as possible. I am a serial self-experimenter, utilizing the latest technologies, tools, and devices to help optimize my health and function, while continuing to practice and honor the basic health requirements that our ancestors utilized in their lives. I brought the first Whole Body Cryotherapy Chamber to the state of Iowa in December 2015. Now I have brought mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy to our area! By merging these advanced technologies with our species-specific requirements, I have developed an approach that ensures a sustainable and reasonable lifestyle that minimizes my risk of sickness and disease and optimizes my time here on earth.

My goal is to pass along as much of the information and experience I have to help simplify wellness, make healthy living easier, and empower you to have the tools necessary to live the best life possible. I am committed to help you find the best version of yourself possible while I, too, strive for the best version of myself.